Morrison backs climate capitalism as Albanese warns voters about term nonsense

He said Labor was actually the party of choice as it recognized that global automakers were moving away from gasoline-powered vehicles and would act to prevent Australia from becoming the dumping ground for old models as the rest of the world moved away. headed for electric vehicles.


In 2019, the Coalition claimed Labor was against utes and “weekends” because of its goal that 50% of new cars sold by 2030 be electric. But this week, Mr Morrison revealed a plan to dramatically increase the number of electric vehicles in Australia, while insisting it was not inconsistent with his previous views.

Mr Albanese also defended the Labor Party pledge to legislate on a binding target of net zero emissions by 2050 if he wins the government, in contrast to the coalition’s unenforceable commitment to achieve the same target, as that strength of the ALP.

“They are trying to transform their internal unrest within the Liberal Party, within the National Party … think governments should never legislate for the future,” he said.

Mr Morrison told hundreds of people who gathered for the Victoria Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s annual breakfast in Melbourne on Wednesday that Australia was now entering a “new energy economy”, with countries with zero net commitments representing more than 80% of global GDP.


“And 90 percent of Australia’s exports go to countries with zero net commitments. This is of course going to have an impact here in Australia. These are decisions made in other countries, ”he said.

“We cannot ignore the reality of this. We just can’t kinda wish it.

He defended criticism from other world leaders for refusing to commit to strict deadlines to phase out coal-fired electricity, saying the recent Glasgow climate summit reinforced his view that the Australia must chart its own course to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

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