IPO of Containe Technologies Ltd | Synopsis of the IPO

Registration office: H No 3-13-142/341P, 342, Gokul Nagar Marriguda Mallapur, Hyderabad – 500076, Telangana, India.

Call:91-81432 24767


E-mail : [email protected]

Website : www.containe.in

Initial public offering of 17,44,000 shares with a par value of (Rs)10/- each (“Participating Shares”) Containe Technologies Limited (the “Company” or the “Issuer”) in cash at a price of (Rs)15/- per share, including an issue premium of (Rs)5/- per share (the “Issue Price”), totaling (Rs)2.62 crores (“the issue”), including 88,000 shares with a par value of (Rs)10/- each for cash at the cost of (Rs)15/- per share, totaling to (Rs)0.13 crores will be reserved for subscriptions by the market maker on issuance (the “Market Maker Reservation Portion”). The issue less the portion reserved for market makers, i.e. the issue of 16,56,000 shares with a par value of (Rs)10/- each for cash at the cost of (Rs)15/- per share, totaling to (Rs)2.48 crores is hereinafter referred to as the “Net Issue”. The issue and the net issue will respectively constitute 27.93% and 26.52% of the post-issue paid-up share capital of the company. The nominal value of the capital share is (Rs)10/- each and the issue price is (Rs)15/- each, i.e. 1.5 times the par value of the shares. The minimum lot size is 8,000 shares l

Publish Money payable on
Open it Closes on Offer price Money request Money allowance
20-Sep-22 22 Sep 22 ( )3:00 p.m. ( )3:00 p.m. ( )0.00
Minimum demand for shares in Nos: 8000 Other multiples of: 8000

( Cr) Direct managers to the problem
Project cost 2.38
Finshore Management Services Ltd
Project financed by the current offer 2.62
Post-issuance share capital 6.24
Nominal value ten

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