Coupon App Provider Ranking Sees Competitors

Their job is to conduct a tough negotiation, so it is not surprising that there is good competitiveness and a change of position among competitors in the latest edition of PYMNTS’s coupon app provider rankings.

Highlights from this month include a new leader at the top of the standings, two movers who have added five points to their scores since last time out, and several other contenders who have changed positions – gaining or losing a spot.

Let’s see how things look now.

The Top 5

The new leader this month is Honey Smart Shopping Assistant. This app jumped two levels in the rankings and landed here with a score of 86. As this score is four points higher than last time, it’s also a mover and shaker.

The previous champion, however, is only one point behind, as Groupon scores 85.

Moving up one position at #3 is Flipp. This app registers with a score of 82.

Just one dot behind is GasBuddy. With a score of 81, this app has slipped down one level in the rankings since the last time and now sits at #4.

Last month’s runner-up fell three places, as Ibotta now sits fifth in the standings with a score of 79.

Top 10

GoodRX, which is now ranked sixth with a score of 74, has gone down a level since last time.

Receipt Hog also landed a position lower since last month. This app is now in 7th place with a score of 63.

Continuing the recent trend, Rakuten fell one position to eighth place, this time with a score of 60.

Shopkick is in 9th place, like last time. With a score five points higher than its previous one – now at 54 – this app is one of this month’s top movers and shakers.

There’s another household name in tenth place, as Slickdeals retains the same position it had last time. With a score of 48, five points higher than last time, this app shares the title of “top mover and shaker”. It also closes this month’s edition of the Coupon App Provider Ranking.



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