Boursa Kuwait introduces investors to investment opportunities in the Kuwaiti capital market in collaboration with HSBC

Boursa Kuwait organized its first physical Corporate Day since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in London, in collaboration with HSBC, one of the largest European banks, from June 8 to 9. The event brought together eight companies listed on the “Premier” market, including Boursa Kuwait, with 36 world-renowned asset management companies and investment companies, which between them conducted 126 meetings.

The meetings provided international investors with an opportunity to learn more about companies listed on the Kuwaiti capital market and the benefits and prospects of investing in Kuwait, as well as offering more in-depth insights into financial performance and business strategies of listed companies. Boursa Kuwait’s delegation at the roadshow was led by Chief Financial Officer Naim Azad Din and Head of Markets Sector Noura Al-Abdulkareem.

Boursa Kuwait has continuously promoted the Kuwaiti capital market and its participants through its series of Roadshows and Corporate Days, which give listed companies the opportunity to meet some of the most largest and most renowned in the world, highlighting their financial health, business prospects and future business strategies. This gives potential institutional investors around the world a better understanding of the Kuwaiti capital market and the investment opportunities residing there. Throughout the pandemic, Boursa Kuwait has worked diligently to develop and improve Kuwait’s capital market with the aim of attracting institutional investors from around the world.

Boursa Kuwait’s Chief Financial Officer, Naim Azad Din, welcomed the organization of the ninth Corporate Day of Boursa Kuwait in London, considered one of the world’s leading investment capitals. Naim added that he was proud to see Boursa Kuwait participate as one of the listed companies, which is a signal that the exchange has become a model issuer and one of the best performers in the market in recent years. years and since its self-listing on the “Premier” market. “Boursa Kuwait’s improved financial performance over the past few years has generated increased interest from several international investors,” Naim said.

Head of Markets Sector of Boursa Kuwait, Noura Al-Abdulkareem, underscored the importance of the company’s strategy which continues to evolve with the company’s vision and the needs of its diverse community of stakeholders, taking into account the rapidly changing technological and economic landscape, stating that “through our series of Roadshows and Corporate Days, we have remained committed to keeping market issuers in touch with leading investment firms and corporate asset management companies in the world to highlight investment opportunities in the market, which we have continued to do throughout the pandemic.”

She added, “Boursa Kuwait has worked continuously to advance its position by focusing on our four key objectives to build an attractive issuer base, increase product depth and breadth, upgrade our infrastructure and business environment to international standards and expand our investor base. ”

Boursa Kuwait’s series of roadshows and company days showcases some of the most notable listed companies and investment opportunities that reside in the Kuwaiti capital market. Connecting these companies with some of the world’s leading investment firms and financial institutions, the events aim to highlight the financial health and business strategies and prospects of these companies, helping investors gain an in-depth understanding. advantages and opportunities of investing in Kuwaiti companies.

Since its inception, Boursa Kuwait has worked diligently to create a credible stock exchange based on efficiency and transparency, creating a liquid capital market, a progressive trading platform and developing a comprehensive set of reforms and improvements that have allowed it to be competitive at the international level. Over the past five years, the company has rolled out numerous market reforms and new initiatives as part of its comprehensive multi-phase (MD) market development plans.

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