Blue Horseshoe Ventures officially launches its new capital raising platform

Blue Horseshoe Ventures Pty Limited (BHV) today announces the launch of its digital capital raising platform, Blu Horseshoe, with a mission to provide sophisticated and professional investors with a wide range of financial opportunities in the secondary market. The Australian company is backed by a strategic network of leading media and financial advisory firms in Australia and overseas, and has a team with decades of financial expertise and market experience.

Solving a Common Investor Problem: Access to Opportunity

The Blu Horseshoe platform has been designed to address accessibility issues with the full spectrum of opportunities available in the Australian capital raising market.

While initial public offerings (IPOs) receive the most attention, many investors are unaware that most of the capital raised by Australia-listed companies comes from the secondary markets. In 2021, increases in secondary placements alone totaled A$60.2 billion. In previous years, secondaries have contributed up to 76% of all capital raised on the ASX.

Blu Horseshoe was designed not only to provide investors with additional access to potential opportunities, but to do so in a fair and equitable manner for all clients. As Blu Horseshoe CEO Antony Tolfts said, “Whoever you are, you get the same proportion of what you bid as every other bidder. We take nothing for ourselves, instead, we pass it on to investors on a pro rata basis.

Helping companies seeking capital reach an untapped base of private investors

Blu Horseshoe also seeks to solve a major problem for companies seeking capital: finding eligible investors outside the public sphere.

Secondary placements, as well as pre-IPO opportunities with unlisted companies, are only available to a subset of qualified private, sophisticated or professional investors. To be a well-informed investor, one must either earn more than 250,000 AUD per year before taxes or have net assets greater than 2.5 million AUD (including property).

Despite these requirements, there is a large untapped market of investors who are not yet involved. In Australia alone, there are an estimated 3.25 million sophisticated investors who qualify as sophisticated investors, with rising property prices being one of the main factors. Internationally, investors in New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland may also qualify for the same requirements.

A globally recognized and renowned strategic partnership network

Blu Horseshoe’s commercial and industrial activities are based on a strategic network spanning media, finance and technology.

Strategic partners include Aspermont Limited (ASX: ASP), Australia’s leading provider of media services to the global resource industries, with a portfolio of resource-focused publications and an extensive network of private and private investors. Additionally, Blu Horseshoe enjoys relationships with IPC, a reputable Australian consultancy firm specializing in working with high net worth clients; and Spark Plus, a Singapore-based business advisory firm with a large hedge fund user base.

“It’s a real point of difference for Blu Horseshoe,” says Tolfts. “Each of our major shareholders has deep roots in the Australian capital markets, as well as presence and access to a wide range of international markets.”

An experienced team with significant financial expertise

The Blu Horseshoe team is uniquely positioned to raise capital in the Australian financial market.

The company’s CEO, Antony Tolfts, has a distinguished leadership and executive resume at several ASX-listed companies. Tolfts worked as director of market surveillance at the Sydney Stock Exchange after starting as director of listings.

On the operations side, Pathhik Vora, the Senior Operations Manager, has 12 years of financial markets experience in Australia and New Zealand. Vora has worked at several major Australian and international brokerage firms including the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX), Ord Minnett, Pershing and Openmarkets Group.

To be involved

Whether you are an investor looking for new opportunities, a corporate decision maker looking to raise capital, or a broker seeking greater distribution, please visit or call +612 8000 7947 .

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