Beeotto announces the launch of its fundraising campaign

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This is about how SEC regulatory crowdfunding offers small investors and small business owners the opportunity to invest in some cases as little as $100 in a company like ours that focuses on small businesses.

How corporate giants are crushing small businesses

The company's revenue model generates revenue when launching the company's platform, a great model for any investor looking for a company with plenty of opportunities to raise additional capital if needed

The company’s revenue model generates revenue when launching the company’s platform

A market disruptor in digital advertising and marketing for small businesses

This is the most important investment an investor should consider making. A small business owner has the unique opportunity to be an investor and a member of the Beeotto family of small businesses”

—Robert M. Errato CEO

NORTH HAVEN, CT, USA, May 16, 2022 / — North Haven CT: Today Beeotto, LLC, a CT-based small business, officially kicked off its fundraising campaign through the fundraising portal engagement of WeFunder (https://wefunder .com/beeottollc) to market the nation’s first digital subscription advertising agency exclusively for US main street merchants. A true market disruptor that offers all small businesses access to a huge range of digital assets centered around TV and streaming advertising. All digital assets, including commercial TV spots, are delivered at unparalleled cost and delivered at a frequency that rivals or exceeds their larger competitors.

The company’s decision to use SEC crowdfunding regulations to raise capital, as Bob Errato, CEO of Beeotto explains, “The company chose this route to give small business owners and small investors in general the opportunity to invest (like the big ones) in what Beeotto thinks will be an excellent long-term investment.A small business owner has the unique opportunity to be an investor in our company and also to become a member from the Beeotto family of small businesses, a marketing alliance that will become a new American brand. This is the most important investment an investor (of any size) should consider making.”

More importantly, the company is not your ordinary “Start Up”. Management’s extensive experience running a similar business (known as BThrifty) valued at over $18,000,000 after one year, and with 235% year-over-year growth , the beta version of Beeotto LLC.

Beeotto management knew from experience that every small business owner’s most valuable asset is their time. In this spirit:
• They created an entirely new streamlined concept… Members only, 3 subscription levels and so simple it’s plug and play. There is no learning curve.

• In the blink of an eye, members are on TV and streaming services, both media
they thought they could never afford.

NOTE: An accredited Connecticut angel investor is eligible for a 25% investment tax credit through Connecticut Innovations.

Early investors will enjoy significant financial benefits. Check them out at

Robert M. Errato
Beeotto LLC
[email protected]

A true market disruptor in the small business digital advertising and marketing arena centered on TV and streaming platforms

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